1996 Calandra Jet Ski

Our Story

Millerton Lake Rentals began as a small family start-up in the summer of 1993.  Two brothers, starting with just two jet skis, grew their modest business venture with their passion for recreation in a niche market that at the time, hardly existed. Within a year, the rental fleet was tripled and by summer of 1995, the continued growth inspired a move into a Fresno airport-area warehouse.  While the business was still realizing success, one brother decided to leave to pursue his dreams in Denver, CO while the older brother continued with the rental business until Millerton Lake Rentals was eventually sold in 1998 so that he too, could pursue other goals.  After earning a business degree from California State University, Fresno he purchased the business back in 2002 transitioning it from a sole proprietorship to an Limited Liability Company.  Since then, Milllerton Lake Rentals, LLC was awarded the California State contract for boat and jet ski concession at Millerton Lake.  By 2016, expansion led to the O’Neill Forebay jet ski concession, and on January 1, 2019 the California State contract for Millerton Marina rounds out the company portfolio.