Millerton Lake Rentals

Right on the water!




You must be 18 or older to rent Personal Watercraft, pontoon boats, and ski boats.  However to operate a PWC the operator must be 16 years of age or older. A person 12-15 years of age may operate a PWC designed to carry two or more persons if the operator is supervised on board by a person 18 years or older. 


Reservations are not required but are strongly recommended especially on holidays and weekends due to high demand. 

Security Deposit:

Security deposits are required for all rentals.  All deposits must be made with a credit card.  Your card is authorized, not charged, on the day of the rental to ensure funds are available. Your bank can hold these funds for 3-5 business days depending on your bank.  We do not accept checks for deposits.

WaveRunners $300
Boats $300
Water sport items Credit card imprint



Fuel is not included in the rental price but each ski is full of fuel at the beginning of each rental.  You only pay for what you use .  Each rental has an open line of credit with MLR  to refuel during the day and pay at the end of the rental.   You may also bring your own fuel to refuel the Personal Watercraft.  Regular unleaded fuel. 

Fuel Consumption Averages:

This is the average fuel consumption for our rentals.  Fuel consumption will vary with each rental depending on your speed, weight, and model Watercraft.




1  Hour

8 Hours

110 HP Personal Watercraft

3  Gal

16 Gal

Pontoon Boats 130hp 4 Gal 16 Gal

Pontoon Boats 60hp

.60 Gal

9 Gal

Ski Boats

4 Gal

16 Gal


 Life Jackets:

Life jackets are included with each rental.

Liability waivers:

Liability waviers can be esigned in advance to save time at the lake. Please click "SIGN OUR WAVIER" at the bottem of this page to complete the form. A wavier for each participant must be completed before the rental.

Limited Damage Waiver:

You are able to purchase a limited damage waiver for your rental in advance or at the time of your rental.