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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is gas included?
  2. What if I need more gas?
  3. Do I get a discount if I rent more than one item?
  4. Can I pull an inner tube, water skis, wakeboards, or knee boards with a WaveRunner?
  5. Can I bring my pet on the boats?
  6. Are life jackets included with the rental?
  7. Can we tow your equipment to another lake?
  8. Is there a BBQ on your pontoon boats?
  9. If I'm late for my reservation is my time extended?

Answer 1:

Our rentals go out with a full tank of gas;  you just pay for the fuel you use.

Answer 2:

We have a fuel truck on site.

Answer 3:

We do not offer a discount for multiple items because the increased risk of having an accident. 25% of renters who rent more than one item have some type of accident ranging from slight to serious.

Answer 4:

It is legal to pull behind a WaveRunner, however we do not allow it because the rope is easily sucked into the intake grate and wraps around the drive shaft bending it. 

Answer 5:

Yes, we allow pets on the boats but owners are responsible for any damage.

Answer 6:

Yes. We provide life jackets for all drivers and passengers. We can accomadate infants to an adult with a 66'' chest.

Answer 7:

No, the eqipment must stay on Millerton Lake no trailes are provided for towing.

Answer 8:

Yes, for a fee we can provide our pontoon boats with a propane grill.

Answer 9:

No, we usually will have back to back reservations so we are not able to extend your time if you are late. Please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out the paper work.